Huntleigh is having a schooling show!!!    Saturday, August 26th,  3 grand prize high points!  Junior, Adult and Senior! (3 tests minimum)    Get your picture taken in a winners circle!!  There will be 2 classes each of Walk/ trot, training level, and first level as well as possibly two  classes of test of choice which can include a freestyle.  If you are a member of the OADG these tests can count toward year end awards!   There will be food on site and a jewelry table with proceeds going to  Mental Health.  Entry form below, please fill out both rider information/Prize list page and email with your updated coggins to


Judge: Annalise Jessup

Tests- Cadora

Please Include and updated Coggins  with your entry!  Thank you!

Dressage Rules…/2023-07-21-Huntleigh-Dressage-show-2023-Fillable.pdf

Rider Info Page 2 Fillable

Huntleigh Equestrian Schooling Show Sat, Aug 26